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I’ve been teaching full time now for over a decade & have consistently noticed a number...

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I hold courses in a variety of locations in Maui catering to busy professionals and those in the healing arts. I also am available for bodywork and Private lessons on request.

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  • Weekly Classes

    My focus again for this upcoming month will be increasing Blood Flow.  From a Chinese medical perspective, blood & chi are yin & yang pairs.   If you have strong blood flow you will have chi.  If you have strong chi flow you will have good blood flow. This is critical.  If your blood is not moving […]

    Posted on November 4, 2011 0 comments
  • Bagua – Circle Walking Class

    Bagua is a Taoist Circle Walking Meditation practice based on the I Ching.  Bagua is done walking the circle holding various postures to open up the body both physically and energetically.  You’re basically trying to directly experience and manifest the energies of each of the 8 Trigrams as you walk the circle.  Bagua is done […]

    Posted on November 3, 2011 0 comments
  • Taoist Longevity Breathing & Integration

    If you want to breathe better, have less stress in your life, feel more relaxed & at ease, have better blood circulation, & better internal organs functioning then this class will help you achieve this. My intent for this class is to go into the breathing process much deeper than I have in the past, […]

    Posted on November 3, 2011 0 comments
  • Private Lessons

    I’ve been teaching full time now for over a decade & have consistently noticed a number things.  I’ve seen how much internal tension & pain people are carrying.  Most people are not even aware of & are numb to the degree of tension, stress, & pain they are holding.  People show up in class wanting […]

    Posted on October 19, 2011 0 comments
  • Join a class

    find a class near you, here is the schedule.

    Posted on October 19, 2011 0 comments

What People Are Saying

"I would like to thank the Pacific Cancer Foundation and Kurt Miyajima for providing the Dragon & Tiger classes to cancer patients. I had the great fortune to attend these classes and was amazed how quickly I felt the affects of the movements. From the very first class, I was able to receive benefit in pain relief and renewed energy and with each additional class there was continued improvement."

Linda Bradshaw
"Kurt, your class last Sat was fabulous! I especially appreciate that the whole class was so carefully (yet invisibly) choreographed. We were gently guided at a perfect pace through a series of increasingly difficult exercises. That requires a lot of sensitive thought and preparation. As a result, I now have a set of powerful movements that I can practice on my own -- as well as integrate into the Tai Chi forms. Thank you."

"After 2 months of classes I'm starting to feel the energy in parts of my body. I've noticed in each class more benefit, and the movements coming together. This is not a lightning bolt of instant healing; it takes time. I feel sorry for the people that drop-out after a few classes, and do not recognize the great value of this practice, and the tremendous opportunity to learn Self-Healing under a knowledgable, and experienced instructor such as Master Miyajima."

Anthony P. Ancelz, Disabled Vietnam Veteran
"Ten months ago, I severely sprained my left foot. After going the traditional medicine route without relief, I was referred to Kurt by two of my closest friends. Kurt had helped them both recover from various injuries in the past and convinced me to try his therapy methods on my foot.

Oh my goodness, what a difference! After one treatment session with Kurt, my foot recovered significant mobility, more importantly, the pain and general discomfort lessened by at least 50%. Given that I had suffered with this pain for so long, this was an amazing result...I highly recommend this very talented therapist for those who suffer from chronic pain from injury of any sort."

Kate Steinberg
"Having recently identified a very chronic involved pain pattern in my neck and right shoulder(I dislocated it over 10 years ago) I was thrilled that Kurt had time to help me. In less than 20 minutes he skillfully identified the primary holding patterns and with expertise,he was able to release the restrictions in the neck,handling the compromised areas with firm and effective pressure."

BJ Beyersbergen
"Kurt Miyjima has been my massage therapist for the past eight years. He is sensitive, caring, effective and skilled. I have had many people massage me over the last 35 years and Kurt is by far the most gifted and sensitive person that has ever treated me. I have sent many people to him and will continue to do so, because he gets great results."

Radha Conrad, M.A.